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Monday, April 7, 2008

My First Invite

I received an email last March 31 through my Contact page. The title of her email said, “Invite.” The first thing that came to me was that I won an invite for a movie premiere. Anyway, since her email was incomplete with details I asked her what’s the invite for. According to her, they are launching their web site and I was picked from one of the registrants of the Philippine Blog Summit to attend their party.

It really feels good to be invited even you feel like you are a nobody. Well, I emailed her my business address since she asked for it. She will just snail mail the invite. Hopefully, it will be good for two so I could bring a friend with me.

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pehpot said...

that is so flattering.. I assume I can read the details and the happenings on your newer posts :)

Make or Break

Denis said...

this is a mark of recognition