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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Makoy’s $50 Contest Entries

Here are the unofficial entries to my $50 contest with some of their quoted reviews and unique slogan for Makoy’s Memoirs Of A Certified Blogger.

1. Richard of Adventures Of A Lionheart “Memoirs in oblivion; Breaking the imminent dawn”
“Mark Ferdinand Tayag a.k.a. Makoy is a Filipino Blogger na nagbablog about politics, lifestyle, business, entertainment at syempre sa sarili niya.”

2. Zang of My Consoling Asylum “I Rock ‘Cause I Blog”
“Makoy's personal blog speaks of almost anything that crosses his mind. But it is easily noticeable that he has regular posts about a week's top hits in the Billboard Chart, the peso-dollar exchange rates, and also about the recent happenings in his whereabouts and the world in general, as his posts on political, business and entertainment news.”

3. Shen of Today’s Blog Review “Critical thinking is a blogger’s Thinking”
“What amazes me everyday is the way he writes articles on his blog. The articles is not the usual copy, paste + add own comment article that some bloggers do but they are genuine and original posts from him and for that I give my personal kudos.”

4. Denis of Greenfields of my Menace “Defining the real essence of blogging.”
“Makoy has already created a brand in the blog land. Just like in advertising’s brand race; toothpaste is Colgate, soap is Safeguard, fast-food is Jollibee, coffee is Nescafe and blog is Makoy’s Memoirs of a certified blogger.”

5. Edward of Health and Wealth

6. Julia of +*+ J U L I A +*+ “Life on a Square Screen”
Interacts with her readers well which is good, despite of the absence of a chatbox.

7. Pweng of Shut Up and Eat “A Rush Of Blood To The Hand’s Of A Blogger”
"Makoy is an example of a wise and responsible guy. He used his skills to make a difference. Pinoys are considered as lazy and needs to be spoon-fed. Well, Makoy is not like that. He is the one who feeds himself. If I were you, I will be like Makoy."

8. Repah of r...,e...,p...,a..., ,h..., “makoy ng bayan”
"Pagdating siguro ng panahon. Marami ng mahihikayat na magblog lalo na ang mga tambay pag nabasa nila ang blog ni Kuya Makoy. Kaya isulong ang Makoy ng Bayan!"

9. Sherry of Sherry rambling
"Makoy is a Filipino blogger and he has a great site to share with everyone."

10. Kris of Standpoint
"This Ortigas-based pinoy blogger's political view has somewhat dived in deeper and does not dwell on the shallow surface of the issues."

11. Pweng of feed the virus "Makoy is the Name, Blogging is the Game"
"He can post anything about Pinoy on lifestyle, politics and entertainment. He even has another blog showing another side of his personality and that is being a poet."

Be reminded that the deadline for your submission of entries is on April 30, 2008. Don’t forget to follow my so-called simple mechanics and to leave a comment with your link at my $50 Contest page.

Thank you in advance to those who will join!

If you are still not on the list, I will update this page as soon I have read your entry.

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PwengBee said...

I used the contact for sending my entry. Plaese check it. Parang sira ngaun blogger eh. Salamat.

Pweng Bee said...

Kuya Makoy, just made another entry..... I hope I'll win..ehe.


Suggested Caption: Makoy Is The Name,Blogging Is The Game

pehpot said...

I was shocked by Shen's.. I never knew that there bloggers like that.. meron talaga ganun? copy paste tas comment lang nila?
ako nga isang article inaabot ng halos kalahating araw kakaisip.. ay unfair hihi

Make or Break

Denis said...

whoa this contest is nostalgic hehe

more to come!