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Sunday, April 20, 2008

I Am KC 3rd Episode

I finally saw the third episode of KC Concepcion’s I Am KC Drama Anthology. She teamed up with Makisig Morales (Super Inggo) and Zanjoe Marudo. The third instalment of I Am KC is somewhat on the fantasy era. The title of the episode by the way is “Times Up.” From the title itself it dealt with catching up with time.

Let me just summarize the story plot. KC Concepcion was working on a cellphone shop near a grocery store. When she was on her way to the grocery, a robber escaping bumped her and a woman bystander on the floor. The robber played by Zanjoe Marudo was about to help her when he was chased by the security guard. He then escaped leaving KC Concepcion and the woman bystander on the floor. When KC Concepcion was about to help the woman, she was hit by a gun shot by Zanjoe Marudo. The immortal KC Concepcion was then given a chance to be alive again given that she would correct the path of Zanjoe Marudo. She was given three days and was introduced to the young Zanjoe Marudo played by Makisig Morales. After her three days with Makisig Morales, she went back to the same scenario before the gun was shot. When KC Concepcion was about to help the woman, the gun shot appeared again. Instead of KC being hit by the gun shot, a different robber was hit by it. The new Zanjoe appeared from the scene helping KC to get up. The new Zanjoe by the way was the bagger of the grocery. So it looked like KC was successful in correcting Zanjoe’s path.

Now with my comments. The story is very dull as if it was created for about 10 minutes. If you are familiar with ABS-CBN’s fantasy show Wansapanataym, Wansapanataym was more creative and fun to watch than this episode. KC Concepcion’s acting was still average. She still has the frozen look on some scenes and her delivering of lines was still commercial-like. Makisig Morales performance was even way better than KC Concepcion. Should I still watch the next episode of I Am KC this Saturday? Let’s just see.

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gpgs_loveGOD said...

Is this Blogger Makoy negative person??? Hay naku... No ones perfect... Kahit ilang besses pa tayo tingnan ang grammar kong minsan nakakaligtaan kasi nga sa dami ng ginagawa at inaasikaso. Kahit nga tayo Filipino kong mag sulat then tayo mag di natin napapansin na wrong grammar. Pati ba naman sa acting ni KC ano ka ba perfectionist na perfect kang tao??? Gosh kaya negative na ang mundo kasi puros negative ang pinapansin mo. Then if you don't like what you see then don't watch it specially walang kang magagawa. Ang GOD lang ang perfect pero tayong mga nilalang niya hindi tayo ganun ka perfect kaya we should all appreciate of what we say. You can say negative things kong in terms na sa moral values na pero simpleng bagay na tulad nito na grammar who are you to say negative things dahil lang doon...

Denis said...

well, many people followed the series so id say not too bad