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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Earth Day Overload

EarthYesterday was Earth Day. In celebration of Earth Day, I created an article about synthetic trees in which it can help in diminishing global warming. I hope science can take its course in helping Mother Earth. Anyway, right after I watched the evening news in CNN, I tuned in to the National Geographic channel while I was ironing a huge pile of clothes.

The National Geographic channel all day aired shows about Mother Earth. My Earth Day marathon started with bees. I just can’t remember the program title but it showed that bees are vanishing rapidly and if the decrease continues, by 2035 bees will be extinct. Bees by the way are responsible for pollination. Without them, there would be no fruits, flowers and vegetables. As of the moment in the US, bees are imported from Australia just to cope up with the food demand. Anyway, when the experts studied about the vanishing of bees, they have found out that the bees suffered from Israel acute paralysis, a virus that was originated from Israel. Scientists are now on the works on studying African bees which are immune to the said virus. We don’t want to pollinate trees like the people of China are doing now.

The next show was my favourite TV show, “I Didn’t Know That.” It’s a one hour special that featured DIY Green. From cars fuelled by electricity and alternative fuels, houses that were run from solar panels, tips on how to save electricity and so many more. The trick here is to get unplugged.

An intriguing show followed wherein it showed figures on how many in our lifetime we drink milk, eat chicken, times we have sex and even the number of times we fall in love. It was just disgusting that this show wasted some food during the show. They should instead use computer animation than showing thousands of egg falling on the ground.

The last show of the Earth Day marathon was about the latest status of earth. The program showed that the ice formation in the Antarctica diminished almost 50%. The large carbon dioxide emission caused a hotter temperature causing the sea level to rise. With that, some islands are in danger of being erased on the map. If this also continues, seawater will be acidic and aquatic life form will die.

As I want to finish the program, I was really tired from ironing and it’s really late. I just hope there would be a replay of this program. Wake up humanity! The change should start with us or else the next generation will suffer from our continuous trashing and killing of Mother Earth.

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Beth said...

Great Earth Day post, Makoy!

Joey said...

As I've heard somebody say, if we are living in an island that is running short of all the essentials (food, cleaning water and air, etc), one's natural tendency is to move out and move to another island which can provide us of what we need in order to survive.

Only if Earth works that way. This is our only island. Let's take care of it before it's too late.

Denis said...

i hope we can make this an every day habit. its our home after all