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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Debbie Shank and Zimbabwe Elections Update

Debbie Shank Vs Wal-Mart
I received a comment from my reader telling that Wal-Mart has finally gave in to the numerous online petition. Wal-Mart will not seek the $400,000 money from Debbie Shank and hopefully this incident would warn companies against exploiting their employees. This issue is not about who’s right and who’s wrong. Sometimes, we have to think with our hearts and not think about getting more money.

Zimbabwe Elections
One week after Zimbabwe held their Presidential elections, results haven’t been released yet. The opposition party already have filed a case in the High Court asking for the immediate release of the election results. As the days progressed without the result, Zimbabweans fear that President Robert Mugabe is trying his best to rig the election results and stay in power. From interviews of CNN to Zimbabweans, it looked like Robert Mugabe lost this election. The High Court should resolve this issue soon or else it would bring more chaos to Zimbabwe.

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