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Thursday, April 3, 2008

David Archuleta Sings Dolly Parton

David Archuleta Top 9The American Idol contestants sang Dolly Parton on last night’s performance night. David Archuleta and Carly Smithson’s performances are the best for the night. Ramiele Malubay performance is still disappointing. I have been waiting for her to do something special but she’s still not in that zone. I know I’m a Filipino and I should support her, but it’s a singing contest.

The biggest surprise for me last night was to learn how brilliant Dolly Parton is. She’s a brilliant songwriter and has over 3,000 songs. She even wrote Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.” Isn’t that surprising. I really thought her songs were rubbish but I was wrong.

Here are the song choices of the Top 9 American Idol finalists:

Brooke White - "Jolene" - Dolly Parton
David Cook - "Little Sparrow"- Dolly Parton
Ramiele Malubay - "Do I Ever Cross Your Mind" - Dolly Parton
Jason Castro - "Travelin' Thru" -Dolly Parton
Carly Smithson - "Here You Come Again" - Dolly Parton
David Archuleta - "Smoky Mountain Memories"- Dolly Parton
Kristy Lee Cook - "Coat Of Many Colors" - Dolly Parton
Syesha Mercado - "I Will Always Love You" - Dolly Parton
Michael Johns - "It's All Wrong, But It's All Right" - Dolly Parton

Who should be on the bottom three based on last night’s performance? Ramiele Malubay, Kristy Lee Cook and Jason Castro. America should give a chance to Syesha Mercado. She doesn’t deserve another bottom three.

Picture courtesy of American Idol.

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reprep said...

ramiele did not make it! anyways your blog rocks... f u hve tym! tke part on my site...

Anah said...

Hi Makoy,

Ramielle has a talent and I like her voice but she could have done a better job sa pagpili ng kanta.:( Sayang... pero she's a cutie and a sweet gal though. I'm sure she'll be fine.

Oo nga pla- blog hopping from filipinobloggers.


Laarnaay said...

gusto ko ng matanggal si Kristy Lee Cook eh. kaka irita ang boses nya lol. but ramiele had to go na. :(

pehpot said...

ah so that is why her last time sounds so pinoy.. pinoy pala s Malubay..

Make or Break

Denis said...

david a did a good job during this episode