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Friday, April 25, 2008

Carly Smithson Surprisingly Was Voted Out

Carly Smithson and Randy JacksonI did not have the chance to watch the elimination night last night on American Idol but I was able to know the results before lunch yesterday. It was a surprise for me that Carly Smithson went home instead of poor performer Brooke White. Despite the praises from American Idol judges, her great performance of “Jesus Christ Superstar” wasn’t good enough for America.

Leona Lewis on American IdolThe bottom three last night joining Carly Smithson were Syesha Mercado and Brooke White. At the elimination night, Leona Lewis performed her chart topping song, “Bleeding Love.” She should have performed her new song, “Better In Time.” That way she can promote it in a wide audience. According to my friend Joey, her performance wasn't that great but her presence and immense talent was enough to please the ecstatic audience. She even looked and sounded tired. Is she working too hard these days?

Without Carly Smithson on the show, my top 3 finalists would be David Archuleta, David Cook and Syesha Mercado.

The top 5 American Idol finalists will perform songs of Neil Diamond next. Who is Neil Diamond anyway? Let’s find out next week.

Pictures courtesy of American Idol.

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pinaywife said...

was disappointed it was carly smithson, was hoping it would be brooke white..

sayang anyway, david cook is still there yahoo!

the menace said...

JUST LIKE WHAT CHICO AND DEL SAID she is not a fresh talent because she already had an album.The presence of a dominant tattoo might have been a bummer too.

tsk tsk

nevertheless, she is still a hot singer.

Steve said...

too bad carly got the boot. sayang, id love to hear her sing pa. anyway, she gets to tour so good for her. i just hope it's gonna be different this time around for her career.

and david cook's still cookin'. lupet!

Joey said...

OH NO!!! There goes Carly... :(

Joey said...

Leona is the real deal!

inghinyero said...

hey. haha. it was a shocker. it should have been jason castro.
links ex? :)

van said...

this surprised me too. she was just one of the best.

Denis said...

at least now, they have the "judges save"