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Friday, April 18, 2008

Business Wonderland

Blogs are growing by millions as days pass by. Just like YouTube, blogs now serve every facet that human can ever think of. Blog domains can tackle stuffs over and under the sun. Having different kinds of blogs makes the digital domain more interesting and beautiful because it presents various takes on different issues and happenings. Some blogs can also take on the concept that goes beyond a personal diary. Yes! building a niche blog is a trend nowadays. These are blogs that focus on a single purpose and there exist a unity of topics and posts. Niche blogs are very helpful because they tackle topics that are presented in a credible manner just like this one blog that I heard people are tagging as MyonlineBuzz. It is like a business bible that serves as a guide into engaging in business “wonderland” especially online business. The blog is called Business Fuzz. Ironic to its name, the blog is actually packed with good insights about online business networks and products. I like the simplicity of this blog and the clean layout. The author’s way of writing is also quite a catch because it is basically definitive and clear, letting every reader get the juicy extracts of every posts.

I myself am a business enthusiast and reading business-focused blogs really ignites a lot of brainy potentials in me. So here are my cheers and kudos to those who make niche blogs and I hope to see more!

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1 comment:

Denis said...

it is a wonderland, but we should all dwell responsibly