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Thursday, April 17, 2008

600 Budget Shopping

Last month, my HSBC credit card finally reflected an annual fee of 1,000 pesos. The usual, I called the customer service and asked for its reversal since that’s my usual technique from my other credit cards or else I would request for its cancellation. I was surprised that the customer service did not accept my request. She instead offered me an alternative option wherein she would allow the reversal of the annual fee given that I would purchase an accumulated amount of 3,000 pesos for one month. Since, I have a current instalment plan with them I have no choice but to follow or else I would pay the annual fee. How I wish the leverage was on my side.

Bench flip flopsFor the last three weeks, I have been charging all my expenses to my HSBC card. From grocery shopping, to restaurant dining and shopping. My deadline to purchase an accumulated charge of 3,000 pesos was last Sunday. At that time, I was still short with the amount of 600 pesos. Just before Bench closed, I was able to enter the store and salvaged myself from paying the 1,000 annual fee.

I was able to buy a cute white flip flops for only 150 pesos, 200 pesos worth of boxer shorts and almost 300 pesos worth of underwear. I love my flip flops, it even has a Philippine flag on it. I can’t wait to use it in Boracay.

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1 comment:

Denis said...

im excited to experience pressure too on having my very own budget hahah im such a dependent working guy now