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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

4th Philippine Blog Summit Part II

Juan Carlo Licudine of Pinoy Blogero was the third speaker and discussed about pro-blogging. I actually thought the meaning of pro-blogging was in favour of blogging but in reality it means earning money from blogging. With that I can consider myself as “semi” pro-blogger since I am not earning $1000 a month like Pinoy Blogero. He really looked unprepared and most of the time he was lost of words. He was just reading the material from his PowerPoint presentation. Speakers should be prepared especially in events like this since the audience are expecting a lot. This is one of my fears with these summits/seminars that some speakers are not even prepared or even credible.

After Pinoy Blogero’s material was the lunch break. Our packed lunch was fried chicken, fish fillet and of course rice. We were given one hour break and we have decided to eat near the Sunken Garden. We went back to the Malcolm Building after to have our coffee. I got to meet another batch of bloggers such as Jerome and Geri.

Photo and comic blogging were the topics discussed by Norberto and Jonas Diego respectively. Aileen Apolo and Macoy discussed about Podcast and vlog. They even have an audio visual presentation just for this topic. This topic somehow inspired me to try this type of blogging. Maybe my next step after changing my template is to do vlog. Will my readers even appreciate me on videos?

Noemi Dado was the next speaker that discussed about blogging for advocacy. Aside from her personal blog that is dedicated to his deceased son, her latest advocacy is to change the image of Filipina in the World Wide Web. If you got the chance to search the word “Filipina” in search engines, you will be bombarded with information about dating sites, pornography and even made to order bride sites. They are urging the bloggers to blog about Filipina and to link their site Filipina Images to make it on top of the search engine result page (SERP). I will try to compose one post in the future.

Luz Rimbian, Manuel L. Quezon III and Janette Toral were the next speakers. The three of them discussed about Election blogging and how important bloggers in discussing untapped information about election. They are even optimistic that by 2016, bloggers can be accredited by COMELEC. Isn’t that great?

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janettetoral.com said...

Hello Makoy. Thank you for sharing your perspective on the topics discussed at iBlog4. This will help a lot for improving the talks next year.