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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

4th Philippine Blog Summit Part I

Makoy on iBlog4My first ever attendance to a blog summit happened yesterday at the 4th Philippine Blog Summit. It was held at the Malcolm Theater, College of Law at University of The Philippines, Diliman. According to the organizers, the summit will start by 9 A.M. so I met my blogger friend by 8 A.M. at Mc Donald’s, Quezon Avenue. We had our breakfast there then went straight to the UP Campus. Since I am just familiar with the College of Engineering, we gave our trust to the jeepney driver to drop us at the College of Law. When my friend blogger suddenly saw a poster of the iBlog 4, we got out of the jeepney for the having the impression that that’s our building. Disappointingly, my friend’s intuition was wrong. We ended up asking a vendor for the location of the College of Law.

It was past 9 in the morning when we arrived the building. The organizers asked for our names then gave our IDs, summit materials and food stubs. This summit is totally free and have I mentioned that WiFI is also free. I just had a mistake that I did not bring my laptop with me for having the fear of my laptop being snatched.

Charo Nugid was the first speaker. She discussed about Blogging 1-0-1. Since I consider myself as an old blogger, I was kinda bored with the topic. In the spirit of bloggerly love, I will try to just share positive feedbacks of the summit. Not! The next speaker was the famous Australian blogger, Brian Gorell. He was unable to be here in the Philippine but was able to record a video in YouTube for us bloggers. His video was basically about his blogging life. The only entertaining part of his video was his legs being bitten by mosquitoes. After Brian Gorrel’s video, the organizers gave the floor to the audience to pitch their blogs. I was scared to talk to many people so I just keep my cool on my seat.

Snacks were given after Brian Gorrel’s video presentation. I got to meet my fellow blogger in flesh such as Maki Eduardo, Prudence, Mica, Macuha, Ambo, Dexter and Azrael. Thank you by the way to those bloggers that approached me first. I was somewhat surprised that they know me by face. My blog header was definitely a plus factor with these summits.

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joanjoyce said...

saw you on dexter's flickr too.. and what did gorell share nman? :P

Maki said...

Your header was definitely a plus! Hmmm...I should put my face on the header also..haha but that's for another dotcom when my hosting expires!

Nice meeting you in the flesh Makoy! :)

Micaela said...

The header is a big plus talaga. I am happy to finally see you in person. Sayang nga lang not much time to chitchat. Maybe next time :)

janettetoral.com said...

Sorry about the confusion. Posters were spread all over the UP so that students nearby can also join.