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Monday, March 17, 2008

Sudden Drops Of Page Ranks

Last week, I experienced a Page Rank drop of 0 from 4. From the reactions that I received from PBS Yahoo Groups, many bloggers have experienced sudden drops from their Page Ranks. Some bloggers pointed out that if you are doing paid reviews, it might have contributed to the sudden drops. I have researched on this matter and have discovered that linking to sites that aren’t linking you back is actually pulling your Page Ranks down. The concept of Page Rank is to gain more links. The more links, the higher your Page Rank will be.

Last Thursday night, I was surprised to see from my Google Toolbar that my Page rank returned but it was only Page Rank 3. I have asked friends to check if my Page Rank returned. According to them, it was still 0. The next day, I checked it again and it was PR 3. Yahoo! I just have to work on my exchanging links to gain more PR.

Still Friday, I received a YM message from a fellow blogger. According to him, his PR also returned without doing anything. Are we bloggers just being paranoid or what? Or we have been engrossed with Page Ranks and Search Engine Result Page (SERP) rankings?

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Anonymous said...

good thing you got your page rank back. I never got mine so its a zero!

pehpot said...

so PR and back links are directly proportional? ex link pede?

Make or Break

Denis said...

this is every bloggers dilemma

well, para dun sa mga OC syempre hehe