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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Save More In Calling And Texting

If you are a Globe or a SMART subscriber, you should know these cost efficient promos that can save you money.

For Globe Subscribers:

· 10 centavos per second call. Dial 232+9 digit cell number. Example: 232917000000
· 10 pesos call for 3 minutes. Dial 235+9 digit cell number. Example: 235917000000
· Text globe to globe unlimited for 5 days for only 80 pesos. To register, send the message UNLITXT80 to 2870. For 1 day unlimited texting, just change the amount to 20.

For SMART Subscribers:

· 10 pesos call for 3 minutes. Dial *883+10 digit cell number. Example: *8830919000000
· Text SMART to SMART unlimited for 1 day with free 10 text messages for other networks for only 25 pesos. To register, send the message UNLI25 to 258.

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Richard the Adventurer said...

nyaha! Globe ako... senya na tamad akong mag call.... unli ako minsan...

BoobooStrider said...

does this apply to handyphone subscribers?

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot! im a smart user and i have no idea why unli20 isn't working properly..


pehpot said...

now they also have promos like 20 pesos for 20 minutes call di ba..

Make or Break

Denis said...

this is a subtle blessing pero i hope telecoms can do more