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Monday, March 24, 2008

PBB Teen Edition Plus Official Housemates

PBB Teen Edition Plus logoThe Pinoy Big Brother house turned into a safari when it opened it doors to the new 14 official housemates of the PBB Teen Edition Plus. Former PBB housemates like Kim Chui, Gerald Anderson, Mikee, Gee Ann, Mickey, Will and Riza danced to the tune of Soulja Boy.

Here are the official 14 housemates of the PBB Teen Edition Plus:

1. Ejay Falcon, 18, “Promdie Hottie Of Mindoro”

2. Kevin Garcia, 18, “Spanish Stallion Of Madrid”

3. Nicole Uysiuseng, 17, “It Chick Girl Of Cebu”

4. Linda Backlund, 16, “Bikini Babe Of Iriga”

5. Arnan “Nan” Clenuar, 17, ”Junior Kengkoy Of Davao”

6. Alex Anselmuccio, 18, “Italian Valentino Of Milan”

7. Rona Marie Libby, 16, “The Prisoner’s Daughter from Dumaguete”

8. Jieriel Papa, 16, “Bubbly Girl Of Davao”

9. Jolas Paguia, 18, “Gentle Giant Of Bulacan”

10. Beauty Gonzalez, 16, “Rebellious Beauty Of Dumaguete”

11. Valerie Weignmann, 18, “Dazzling Doll Of Germany”

12. Priscilla Navidad, 17, “Deaf Dreamer Of Davao”

13. Robert “Robi” Domingo, 18, “True Blue Atenista of Quezon City”

14. Marc Josef Elizalde, 16, “Lethal La Sallite of Mandaluyong”

So, what’s the “PLUS” in this edition? Aside from the additional two housemates, there is also a secret room that I guess will be the room of Robi and Josef.

You can catch PBB Teen Edition Plus on ABS-CBN weeknights after Lobo, PBB Uber weekdays at 5:30 P.M. and delayed video streamings at Studio 23 weekdays every 12 noon.

PBB Teen Edition Plus logo courtesy of http://pbigb.multiply.com/

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Joey said...

Wow, your post is like a free ad for ABS-CBN and PBB. :) They should be thankful!

Ely said...

Never knew it has started already, i was about to create a post about PBB too when i saw it at Studio23 the other day. Tinamad lang ako tapusin. hehe.

BTW, anu mga categories gagawin mo for the links? Are u gonna create ur own?

masterofthe said...

There are only 14 of them and I have a hunch that Priscilla will bring home the bacon for this Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus.

pehpot said...

ayaw ko nung winner.. at ang cute ni Robi ehehe

Make or Break

Denis said...

reality shows are really getting massive cult following