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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Papaya Dance The New Craze In The US

Edu Manzano dance album Papaya danceIt was a shock to see in the news that the Papaya Dance is now the new dance craze in the world replacing Macarena. Even the hosts of Good Morning America danced to this song, isn’t that amazing. My friend who is vacationing in Dubai told me this news yesterday afternoon but I didn’t have the time to check it and blog about it.

Filipinos are really impressive. Who would believe that a dance craze here in the Philippines would make a mark in other countries?

I have to watch that video in YouTube. Hahaha! I just recalled my officemates danced to that song last Christmas party.

The Papaya Dance was included in Edu Manzano’s dance album and was popularized in his daily game show, “Pilipinas, Game KNB?” aired on ABS-CBN. Mel Feliciano choreographed the Papaya Dance.

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Joey said...

The moment I saw that clip in Good Morning America, I said "Geez", now we are exporting crap overseas. Hehe. Just kidding. The Papaya Dance apparently was a song created decades ago by some Polish singer.

Francis said...

Saw that clip too!

See what happens when you expose something through YouTube and the Earth denizens heed? You make history.

Carnation said...

hello now am here. ang gleng mo naman blogger. lots of work you are putting in here. am not familiar with the papaya dance so i'd better watch it in youtube. huli kami dito sa balita e.

PinoyDeal said...

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jmarv said...

tagged you, check it out at my site..

Jio said...

It is crazy, though I must admit this is so fun to do along with crazy friends. ^_^!

I sometimes hear some people here in SG have this as their ringtone / message alert in their phones. Generally those who have this in their phones are the Pinoys.

Yo, Makoy, by the way, you've been tagged by a viral post I made - http://www.jiometry.com/index.php/2008/03/23/a-viral-linking-post/

toxic disco boy said...

new macarena? no. far from it.


pehpot said...

yay! remake lang ba ni Edu un? or sya talaga ng gumawa?

Make or Break

Denis said...

so there are also bakya crowd in the US pala