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Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Page Rank Went Down To Zero

Last night right after I watched the guy’s performance of American Idol, I went online using my SMART SIM. As usual, the Internet connection was slow. When I browsed my blog site, I noticed that my Page Rank was zero. I still can remember that before I left the office yesterday it still has a PR 4 rating.

Until now, it still displays a Page Rank 0. I even asked friends to check my ranking. I’m so disappointed that my efforts are gone to waste. I just hope that there was an error in their system and my PR 4 ranking would be back tomorrow. I hope so.

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QiSoftware said...

I hI have been researching page rank and specifically PR that zeros. In the past, PayPerPost bloggers have experienced this problem. It appears you are not with PPP-- so I am curious as to what caused your rank to lower.

Hope you do not mind if I track your case.

Regina Thomas
QiSoftwareave be

Earvin said...

Sayang naman. I think it's really an error.

jaycee said...

di ba member ka ng PPP dati? And you made your first post about it? If it's still posted in your blog, then I assume that's the reason why your blog went to PR4 to PR0.

I also had that before, last Nov. I think, then I immediately placed "nofollow" tags on all of the sponsored post, then asked to be reconsidered, then after a few days they returned my PR, but a rank lower to the previous PR update.

And by the way since according to google's policy, no phrase such as PPP, review me, and the like should be in your post, if they ever index such words strings then most likely your PR will be penalized.

Berryblitz said...

Over naman ang Google... What if you had put "sponsored" that does not actually mean a sponsored post, or "review me" that just simply mean review my site....

Ang sakit naman from 4 to 0...

Pero oo nga pala, who do I make a nofollow link?

Maruel said...

@Makoy... The same thing happened to me last week. My PR went from 2 to 0. I think you received some "Google Slap" or "PR Slap".

I made two posts about this on my blog. The first one is about the slapping incident and the second one is about the support I got from PPP.

@jaycee... Yeah, it has something to do with doing sponsored reviews because I think doing sponsored reviews is another form of selling link, right?

@berryblitz... Oo ganun yata talaga sila. Ako nga 2 nalang eh ginawa pang 0. Hindi na sila naawa, huhuhu...

pehpot said...

PR4? paano ma nareach un?

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