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Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Ganglion Cyst Is Back

Ganglion cystI think it was last, last week that I noticed that my left wrist was again aching. It freaked me out to notice that there was a small bump near my surgery scar. Over the weekend, it was gone. To my disappointment, this week it’s back again and it’s gaining size. Nooooooooo! Not again!

I think it was two years ago when I had removed my ganglion cyst on my left wrist. I still can remember the pain I went through and how swollen my left hand looked like. I also can recall that my Doctor told me that there is a possibility that my ganglion cyst would come back.

If this cyst would gain more size, I don’t have a choice but to have it removed by surgery. Or I should look for another option. Anyone knows how to aspirate? Just kidding!

Check my No More Ganglion Cyst post to see the picture of my cyst.

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blackdarkheart said...

wow ganglion cyst. pede bang daanin sa inuman ng gamot yan? sana no? mahirap kasing gumalaw ng nananakit ang kaliwang kamay eh. wag mo na lang sigurong patagalin yan para di na manganak(pede ba yun?!)

Earvin said...


Mon said...

Benign tumors do not grow back. IUt could be malignant,. The last time it was removed, what did the doctor say? Did he ordered for a biopsy? Scout for a second opinion, I say.

Joey said...

Yikes, that's so sad to hear. Go have it checked...

Earvin said...

Ako pinatanggal ko pero after a year ay bumalik na naman. Wehehehe.

pehpot said...

oh poor you.. I had an injury on the wrist before and it is the next hardest thing to toothaches..

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