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Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Big Love Movie Review

If you are planning to watch the newest movie of Star Cinema, “My Big Love”, I guess you need to think again. So what makes this movie unforgettable? Let me count the ways. By the way, I’m not a fan of pinoy movies. I only watch if I was forced to watch it or it has good reviews.

scene from My Big LoveHere goes…First, I find the prosthetics of Sam Milby ridiculous. For the whole time he was fat, his look was inconsistent. His face was sometimes dark and sometimes his eyebrows were unruly. You can even notice that his fat face was obviously made of prosthetics, cracking and plastic like.

Second, the story is somewhat not original. This kind of plot is usually used on TV shows of ABS-CBN. You would rather wait for its Philippine TV premiere than to spend money in the movie house. After Sam Milby’s transformation, the story line went poor and my excitement was gone. I was expecting for a different twist but as expected the main lead stars ended up with each other. There were few comedic scenes though that I appreciated.

To be continued…

Picture courtesy of Star Cinema.

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Dakilang Tambay said...

naku, im planning pa naman to watch it, kasi kamukha ng pinsan ko ung big version ni sam milby. maybe watch ko na lang ung 10,000BC

Guardian Angel said...

I do not blame the producers and writers for movies these days. Ang hirap kasi, di pa pinapalabas sa sinehan, nasa bangketa na, mas mura pa.

I am an avid fan of Tagalog and English movies when I was younger, around 25 years ago, and I must say, malayong malayo ang generation now.

Wala ng directors katulad nila Lino Brocka, Ysmael Bernal and even the great still alive Mr. Eddie Garcia.

During the 80s, nag-aaway mga producers kasi di nila maisingit movie nila kasi sa sobrang ganda, extended till 3 weeks sa sinehan yung nauna. Now, 1 month nang palabas, wala pang kasunod.

Not to mention the great flims from Viva and Regal (wala pa kasi Star Sinema noon).

Now, halos lahat ng malulupit na artista wala na. Kundi nilamon ng lupa, nilamon naman ng pulitika.

Well, I think I am lucky enough to enjoy those days. Unlike now, 99% of music are revivals, even telenovelas ganun din. Nakakawalang gana.

Sorry if I sound ridiculous. I just wish all of us could help hand in hand to re-build a nation of good movies where we can learn so much at di lang puro pa-cute.

Anyway, just here for the thoughts. Thanks!

blackdarkheart said...

mapanuod nga yang movie na yan. Gusto ko sana yung bucket list eh, parang kakatouch kasi. di naman ako sam milby fan pero panonoorin ko for the sake of killing time. LOL!

the menace said...

hey heres a buzzer! i beg to disagree. i just saw the movie and it was quite good. I'd say it has a not so typical plot within a familiar premise. well make up is really a bummer. but I'd give it a 3 out of 5 stars.

pehpot said...

good thing there was crunchyroll.. dun ko sya pinanood.. and I have to agree. walang kwenta!

Make or Break

Denis said...

true, poor physical effects pero i still like the movie