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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Apologies

I have been receiving negative comments from my National Transport Strike and Goood Morning posts. This made me realize that some of the content of my posts are very insensitive. With that, I would like to apologize to my readers and to those who were offended. Starting today, I would strictly remember the Golden rule.

If you have suggestions and comments about my blog, please send it to my Contact Me page. I would be delighted to hear from you guys.

Thanks again!

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jaycee said...

Regarding dun sa mga sponsored posts mo, kung tapos na yung 30 days period na nakasaad sa policy then pwede mo na siyang i-delete.

Pero, kung ayaw mo siyang i-delete, hanapin mo yung post mo tapos i-edit mo siya. Di ba may kasamang link na pinalalagay dun sa mga sponsored post? Sa dulo ng bawat link bago yung text string i dagdad mo yung rel="nofollow", parang ganito:

'text string'

After nun, punta ka dito:


tapos magpareconsider ka, pag ka log in mo. Sabihin mo sa kanila yung reason kung bakit sa tingin nila eh na violate mo yung provisions nila at kung ano ginawa mo para di ka na ulit makaviolate ng terms.

Hazel Chua said...

That's the thing about blogging, most of the time, we enjoy our freedom too much that we forget about considering other people's feelings. BUT, that is also the best in blogging, we, as bloggers, learn a lot from our mistakes, AND there is no other form of gallantry than in acknowledging your own mistake and taking necessary steps to rectify it.
Good luck and may your apology be accepted graciously by those who were offended. :)

desperate blogger said...

re your post re negative comments re "strike" and "good morning"... dude it is your right to write about your insights. if some readers are offended, that's life. you cannot please everybody.

if you were deemed insensitive, live with it. but don't modify your blogs to suit "some" readers.
ganun talaga. =)

Victoria Kapauan-Gaerlan said...

Hey there makoy :)

First of all this is your blog and you can write and say whatever you choose, that should be fine with anyone. People are entitled to their own opinions, and you should express yours with impunity(!) on this, your blog, your own space on the internet.

But of course since you've opened your blog to comments, you will also have to deal with other people's opinions that they can express here.

It's called interaction, and it's a great learning tool.

Keep blogging, man.

Joey ;) said...

With freedom comes responsibility.

A blogger's entries shows what kind of person he/she is. You have the right to say whatever you want since this is your space, but always remember that at the end of the day, a hurtful word, or an insensitive comment may cause more harm than good. You don't want your picture secretly taken in a jeepney while you are in a very uncompromising yet innocent position, posted in cyberspace and be made fun of or be an object of much hateful words.

Your apology is truly unnecessary. You have the right to write whatever you feel like writing. Just be wary (if you care about it) of how you want your readers perceive on who the real Makoy is: through your words or what you intend of them.

Keep your posts flowing...

Anah said...

Hi, I found your link from filipinobloggers.com. Ang bait mo nag sorry ka- yung good morning post- I don't see anything wrong with your post though pero may mga tao kasi na sensitive din. It's your blog and you can write whatever but good job at nag sorry ka sa mga na offend. :)

Napadaan lang ako. :)


pehpot said...

sana kase kuya ginisng mo at tinanong kung pede ba i post ung pic nya sa blog mo hehe

ayaw ko mag comment ng serious.. masyado mahaba haha

Make or Break

Denis said...

this only means that your blog matters to the community