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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Marian Rivera’s Unthawed Tongue

Marimar Sergio Marian Rivera Dingdong Dantes pictureMarian Rivera is definitely the biggest star of GMA 7, replacing the now Kapamilya star Angel Locsin. If you have been watching local channels, for sure you have seen Marian Rivera’s latest TV commercial. To name a few: Del Monte Fit & Right, Maxi Peel and her latest from SunSilk Shampoo.

I was really shocked to hear her lines from the SunSilk Shampoo commercial. I actually didn’t notice if there were grammatical errors but what struck me the most was the way she pronounced her lines. As if she was new in speaking in English. I suggest that she practice her English. Instead of believing her in the commercial, it felt like she was trying hard a lot. Her new Maxi Peel commercial is better though. She speaks well and her words aren’t that hard to my ears.

After the success of Mari Mar, Marian Rivera is now doing Dyesebel. According to a press release, the finale episode of Mari Mar sky rocketed the TV ratings surpassing the high rating of the former TV show of GMA 7’s Darna. Would Dyesebel be another hit? Let’s just see.

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the menace said...

makoy, dubbing lang yung sa maxi peel. ang saket talaga sa tenga mag english nun. pero may excuse sya, shes got the looks eh.hahah and thats how society throws verdict.,

Anonymous said...

One of her flaws is her voice "boses lalaki".You can't really have everything!
Angel's voice is really an angel...

AudreyRose said...

hahaha... akala ko kami lang dito sa bahay yong nakapansin nyan, hindi pala. boses lalaki sya talaga and sana hindi na lang sya pina ingles kasi ang pangit talagang pakingan. nakakairita. kahit maganda ka kung pangit yong boses mo nakakaturn off din yon. di ko nga alam bat hindi sya pinaworkshop ng GMA para naman magimprove yong pananalita nya.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I read some of her interviews and she openly said na boses lalaki cya which she admitted naman!

Sa second maxi peel commercial, boses na nya yun!
napansin nyo ba lately ang ganda na ng voice nya! Kung natataranta kasi cya naiiba ang boses nya!

Have you heard Judy Ann's commercial too?
sabi ni ByotiPul! hehehe

You cant really have everything. Ok lang may looks nman and it complements her nman.
Paging the manager!!

pehpot said...

hehe sabi nga nila may pag ka palingkera magsalita sa Marian..

Make or Break

Denis said...

oh well, on the flip side at least she undeniably beautiful