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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Jun Lozada’s Campus Tour For Truth

If I am not mistaken since last week, Jun Lozada has been touring school campuses to preach about his knowledge in the ZTE Broadband deal. It’s a right move for Jun Lozada since students are vigilant when it comes to social issues especially when it affects them. I remember my College days when I went to the EDSA shrine alone to oust former President Joseph Estrada. I felt fulfilled and worthy.

Anyway, I just felt that there’s no need for another People Power revolution. It’s really hurting our country and the economy. What will happen to us if a next scandal comes out, we would meet again in the streets and asked for the removal of our President? I think that is absurd. This time, I think we should follow the course of the law. I still believe that there’s KARMA and there’s an end to every wrongdoing.

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pehpot said...

true un nasa edsa ka? sumama ka sa nag rally papunta mendioal? ahihi.. batch mo 98 sa college no?

Make or Break

Denis said...

what happened to this issue na kaya

or have i been missing the news