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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I’m Smarter Than A 5th Grader

Yesterday marked my fifth year in the office. I honestly don’t see any unusual from yesterday. I was just busy finishing my deadline reports and some Collection letters needed by the Collection people.

I really thought no one would know that it’s my anniversary until my officemate greeted me with a grin face asking if I would treat them. I honestly don’t have extra money to spare and what’s the use of celebrating your anniversary? I was even surprised that our Timekeeping system flashed a “Happy Anniversary Mark Ferdinand” message right after I keyed in my PIN. I made that flashing message a year ago yet I was still surprised.

On my fifth year in the office, I have been thinking if it’s worth it. Year by year, the work force in our department continue to decrease and my tasks pile up. Anyway, I remember an incident a week ago. My officemate informed my boss that he got a job offer from his friend and asked if the company still want him to stay. Of course my boss said yes that’s why he’s still here. After their talk, my boss suddenly grilled us and told her speech on why we should stay. With the way she delivered it, it seemed like we don’t have the right to leave. The line was like this, “Can your conscience handle the fact that your colleague will suffer for he will shoulder your work load when you leave?” Again, I’m gonna ask my self, “is it worth it?”

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Janisha said...

Gee.... Congratulations on your 5th yr in your office...! I just hope I can reach that number also in my current job...

I'm getting kind of bored with my routine lately, plus, I hate the administration... Maybe I'll concentrate on my studies now..

Nice page.... Keep it up!

pehpot said...

yikes! anong klaseng boss yan.. hmm a bit (o a bit lang)unprofessional ah.. mabuti na lang wala ka na dun

Make or Break

Denis said...

whoa 5 years is really significantly something!