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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I’m An Ice Prince

ice skating makoyFinally after being disappointed that we weren’t able to ice skate last week, we were able to be an in ice princes and ice princesses yesterday night after work. We arrived at the ice skating rink before 7 P.M. and have decided to just have dinner after our rendezvous with the ice.

Professional ice skaters ahemmThe ticket inside cost 180 pesos for 40 minutes and we were a bit sad that there’s no discount even we have SM Advantage card. I was aware that they offer discount for that. Anyway, my friend Rosell was great with bartering with the counter lady and we got one ticket for free. Isn’t that great? So literally, we got 1 free for 4 people. It was also inclusive of shoe rental and locker.

After we got our ice skating shoes and fitted it, we immediately went to the ice skating rink kinda scared. The last time I skated was during my High School days. I’m just a bit confident that I will do well since I skated before and I also did roller blades when I was a kid. The experience was great. It felt like I was a kid again. Even I fall, on my hands twice and my feet feel sore, it was still a dun experience. Skating is really about believing in yourself. If you don’t trust yourself that you can’t make it for sure you will be stock in the railings of the rink. You have to risk falling to learn and to enjoy.

Bowling again next week! Yahoo!

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Anonymous said...

waaaaaaaaaah. ingit nman ako. jhing

pehpot said...

sporty ka pala kuya makoy.. anyways, I never tried this.. afarid ako to fall.. I would rather run or swim than ice skate or roller blades..

Make or Break

Denis said...

this is one thing that i gotta do before 25 hehe