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Friday, March 14, 2008

ID System For Our So-Called Village

The so called villageYesterday night I was able to talk to my land lady. She handed me a form to sign, which according to her our so-called Homeowners Association suddenly planned to have an ID System in our village. The Homeowners Association even planned to build a guard post on the main entrance of the village. This is the hardest and funniest—no one will be allowed to enter unless you have an ID. That news really made me laugh hard. If I would describe our so-called village, it won’t even fit to be called as a village. No more description to tell though.

This Homeowners Association should know that even exclusive villages don’t have an ID system. Try to improve first the peace and order of the village. How about prohibiting the drinking of liquor and late night karaoke before you go to the next level?

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Cis said...

How stringent!

Baka naman kasi may nakabaong kayaman sa village niyo. Hehe.

ceblogger said...

i don't even wear my company ID. i don't think the id system is the solution here.

pehpot said...

yay! wala akong masabi kung hindi


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