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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hot And Tired

Thursday night, 8 P.M.

I just got home from. Arghh… I don’t feel well. My eyes are burning and my throat is aching. I don’t like these signs. The only good is that I don’t have fever yet. What’s more interesting is that I encountered this middle-aged woman in the jeepney on my way home.

Since I am not feeling well, my look is somewhat floating. I was shocked that I was frozen looking at the middle-aged woman’s grocery bag placed on the middle of her legs. She gave a violated look, which I suppose she thought that I was peeping on her skirt. On every glance that I had with her, she keeps on pulling her skirt down and covering her groin part with the plastic bag. I was tempted to take pictures of her but I remembered that some of my readers were offended with the sleepy guy picture that I took.

Anyway, I just hope the lady would realize that I don’t mean any harm and I’m very harmless.

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Anonymous said...

napadaan lang po..

blackdarkheart said...

wak kang magalala. hot ka talaga. hehe!

toxic disco boy said...

your header... that is in freedom park. right?

pehpot said...

ahehe nice one.. you riding the jeepneys from rob to ortigas? nadukutan ako in one of those jeepneys e.. nadala tuloy ako

Make or Break

pehpot said...

I mean rob to ortigas ave ext pala

Make or Break

Denis said...

naku i think ur personality is way too far from being a cheap peeping tom