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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

I finally arrived here in my apartment in Pasig. I woke up around 8:30 A.M., had my breakfast then took a bath. I was surprised with some changes in Paranaque. To name a few, I noticed that the center islands in Paranaque are colored red and yellow. There are even new establishments that I noticed. There are spas, auto repair shops and condominiums. I still can’t believe that the condominium near KFC Coastal Mall is finally opening and on its final touches. Speaking of condominium, the building near MRT Magallanes is finally opening as well.

The long weekend helped me rest and gave me time to spend my vacation with my family. I also had fun experiencing for the first time the Catholic’s Visita Iglesia last Maundy Thursday. From Rosario Church to our last stop at Redemptorist Church at Baclaran.

Happy Easter guys! I hope the holy week helped us reflect and strengthen our faith in God.

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Joey said...

Happy Easter and welcome back to the southside! :p

pehpot said...

Have you tried the walk to Antipolo? last year din.. 2008 Thursday night and daming tao na naglalakad papunta antipolo..

Make or Break

Denis said...

i like easter. its like the sun is shining differently