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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Bayani Fernando For President?

Last week, I saw a large tarpaulin of MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando at three different places. The first one was at the flyover in POEA, second at MRT Taft Station and the third was in IPI, Pasig.

Bayani Fernando for President?The first time that I saw this tarpaulin, my face turned sour. Not again, Mr. Bayani Fernando. I think it was last year that I saw a birthday greeting banner for Bayani Fernando posted in the overpass at SM Mega Mall. I made a critic about it in my blog including the picture of course. The next day the banner was not there anymore. I still can recall how opposed MMDA are with the posting of tarpaulin and campaign materials in the streets, when their Chairman is the number one offender.

I just don’t get it why is there a need to include Bayani Fernando’s picture in the tarpaulin. As if his money was used in these tarps. I think he is already campaigning for Presidency in 2010. Choose a better picture next time Mr. Fernando, you look haggard and full of problems.

To our public servants, be reminded that the funds you are using are coming from the taxpayers. It’s just disappointing that the tax the government is charging to employees are sometimes used in “non-sense” projects. Public officials are elected to serve and not to do photo shoots and advertise every projects they finished. It’s your job for God’s sake.

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Loisel said...

Cno naman ang nagsabi na tatakbo si bayani fernando? hehe di naman sya mananalo kasi ang baba ng ratings nya. honga pala i have an award for you here.


bago na pala Banner mo ah. Sa DL umali hall yan dito sa UPLB no? hehe geh tc

Anonymous said...

eyyy makoyskie, as of my last count that makes 6 places where the banners have been placed, including the one you saw in Pasig. if they put up a new one every week, imagine how many banners there'll be by 2010! ibang klaseng mga tao to. Btw, me binabasa akong isang blog tungkol rin sa ambisyosong BF -- nagulat ako dahil me nakita akong comment na Pro-BF na galing daw sakin?! as in pangalan ko ginamit? look here.

These are unprincipled people who will stoop to anything and stop at nothing just to market their Hitler-in-the-making.

Coriander Dreams said...

Is his favorite colour really pink?? :D hehe

Anonymous said...

try to join us and ask why HE SHOULD RUN or maybe NOT....


paul said...

pre galing mo pla eh..la k ding pinag-iba s pangkaraniwang Pilipino...c superman hanapin mo kun gusto m ng perpektong tao o kya kw n lng takbo presidente kung tingin mo alam m n ang lahat...easy lng gigil m kay BF dude...bka bngyan tayo ng chance ni Lord n mgkaron ng "may kakayahang lider"(hindi superman ha?)di ko cnasabing automatic taung uunlad pro let's try..un iba nmn galing lng mgbilog ng ulo..ok?tsk tsk tsk...pro intndhan dn kta...at least you're working for a better nation..kaso konting esep-esep lng ha?tga-marikina kc ako eh..my mata at isip kc aq kya suportado ko c BF..luv q kc bansa ko eh kht dumaan n tau s mdameng failure e my hope p rn ako..pro ok site m...mssbe ko rn nmng hindi xa biased kc approved m kontra din sau..(di tulad ng A_ _- _ _ N)yn ang responsableng pggmit ng demokrasya..sna ito dn approve m ha?salamat aking kapwa Pilipino!:)

pehpot said...

uy alam mo kahit sa probinsya namin na walang MMDA may banner sya.. nakakaloka di ba.. tatakbo yan pramis

Make or Break

Denis said...

hell please no, baka maging pink ang national flag