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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Who’s Lying?

Rodolfo Lozada, Jr.If you have been following the ZTE scandal brought by Lozada, you will be amazed that as the days progressed, more political figures are named. From Benjamin Abalos, Lito Atienza, Mike Defensor and now the wife of Sen. Joker Arroyo. I just find it bizarre that Sen. Joker Arroyo freaked out after Lozada mentioned his wife. Senator, you are supposed to hear out your witnesses and not just freak out when you feel like you’re going to be dragged into the controversy. You are supposed to be fair. I’m just disappointed with your actions when I voted for you. You should inhibit yourself from the hearing.

Back to Lozada, when he first appeared with the nuns, he at once got my sympathy. I just feel sorry for him that he went through all these because of his knowledge with the ZTE deal. What I like about Lozada is that he speaks his mind out even his life is in danger. He followed his conscience and not his greed for money or whatsoever.

What’s so fascinating in the senate hearing with Lozada? Lozada looks like a child reasoning to his parents then would cry afterwards when his parents would tell him to shut up.

Picture courtesy of Inquirer.net

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Ronnie Ferez said...

Lozada caused Malacanang to push the panic button. Now the AFP and PNP are in high alert in NCR? Darn! WTH is happening with our country?

IMO, the ZTE is but a symptom of a very sick government (presidency, who spent close to two terms depending its legitimacy -tsk tsk tsk).

As for Joker, and the others -ang pumutak, tiyak ay (kasamang )nangitlog.

BTW, great blog here Makoy! Cheers!

www.testingsc.blogspot.com said...

excellent, i highly appreciate the points you presented here.

I see that Filipinos who truly love this nation are asserting thier right to tell the truth and not just sit and become dumb forever. I salute to Lozada's courage despite the fear, trauma and stress he expereinced right now.

Marco said...

They are all lairs!

ginabeloved said...

bottom line is, Lozada's courage has disclosed to the Filipino people the true color of those in the position. I believe in what they are talking now, OLIGARCHY in the government. we must be more vigilant and do our part. we are powerful if we unite.

pehpot said...

ito ang sirko na masarap panoorin lalo na kung paano nalusutan ng clown ang mga bolang binabato sa kanya.. LOL

Make or Break

Denis said...

i think all of them are lying. pagalingan lang i-conceal