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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Spaghetti Factory Review

Last Saturday, I went to SM Mega Mall with a friend to have lunch and to bowl again. We dined at Spaghetti Factory at Building B. I was attracted to eat there because the food from the tarpaulin looked yummy and it was almost affordable.

fried calamaresWe ordered for fried calamares, pesto pasta and Lean pork combo. The restaurant looks nice. I’m just not comfortable with their tables and chairs. And they serve very slowly. I even noticed that the customer beside us was served first even we came early than them.

lean pork with riceWith regards to the food, it tasted okay and was even presented nicely. And have I mentioned that they serve big? My lean pork with rice was even good for two people. I just hope I could try their pizza and other specialties.

Setting aside the food, I was really disgusted that their comfort room smelled awful. You can’t even lock the doorknob. At the sink of the wash area, I was surprised to see a Safeguard soap instead of a liquid soap. Aren’t they aware that bar soaps are just for one person?

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desperateblogger said...

how much did your meal cost? grabe it's so expensive to eat out nowadays.

Anah said...

Hi Makoy,

Looks nummy! Oo nga ang mahal ng food these days.

Anyway, I found your blog sa filipinobloggers- :) Have a wonderful week.

Salamat po,


pehpot said...

you love pusit no?

Make or Break

Sherry said...

OMG ,they looked delicious mind hand me a plate? :)

Sherry said...

you do know how to enjoy your meal

Denis said...

these look tasty and i havent tried the resto yet