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Friday, February 15, 2008

My Valentine

Yesterday morning was a blast for me. I was early in the office and the majority of people that I saw were wearing a happy face. Thanks to Mr. Cupid they were all in good mood. Setting aside these happy people, I also saw many flower delivery boys with many roses and bouquets. I am really impressed with the men working in our building. They can afford those flowers.

After lunch, I was surprised to receive a call from a friend. She sounded apologetic and very sincere. My mood turned into crankiness when she told me her confession. Recently, I told her something and asked her not to tell to anyone. To my surprise she shared this information to a former colleague. Tsk tsk tsk. It’s really hard to trust anyone.

When I left the office, I saw this couple on the streets waiting for a cab. The guy is a construction worker and I assume that’s his wife. The girl was wearing a dress patterned to a tablecloth. She was feeling lady like and thought of herself pretty. I just hope they had fun with their date.

I arrived in Robinson’s Galleria swarmed with many couples. T.G.I. Friday’s even prepared extra tables outside the restaurant just to accommodate reservations. When I peeked inside, I noticed that couples occupy most of the tables. Sweet! They should have invited me! Hahaha! Poor Makoy, no date on Valentine’s Day.

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Ely said...

i've seen such scene many times before. I've learned my lesson, if single, stay at home on balentayms day...

FruityOaty said...

Awwww... poor Makoy. Well, there's always the rest of this year for you to find someone to be with... next year, lol. :)

Just dropping by to say hello to people in my blogroll. I've been out of the blogging scene for a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG LONG time.

ObnoxiousQueer said...

I was at work taking in calls during Valentines! But may post valentine naman. So I went to my home place to meet my chuva! hehehehe That's a saturday na!

pehpot said...

poor makoy.. he he..

I like how you notice people.. pag ngkita tayo magkakasundo tayo sa alipusthan (joke)

Make or Break

Denis said...

i wonder uso pa ba ang "samahan ng mga taong single"? now that prostitution is like so ubiquitous? hahah kidding