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Monday, February 11, 2008

My New Housemates

Sunday, I was surprised to see a new face in the house. My best friend in Iloilo who’s the relative of the owner of house informed me that the daughter of the owner of the house would come visit. It’s just strange that this morning I saw her toiletries in the bathroom. I just told myself that it’s okay that she would just leave within the day.

altarTo my shock, just this late afternoon new faces arrived. I think it was her husband and son. While I was watching movies I heard them moving in. They were hammering something from the wall and painting the walls with pink paint. When I went to the bathroom, I saw an altar hanging on the wall beside my door. I am no catholic so I was shocked to see one. No offense to Catholic people. I just hope she placed it inside her room.

Minutes ago, the daughter of the owner of the house came knocking on the main door. Since I thought that they are all sleeping in the room, I locked the main door and switched off the lights. She was just alone. That was the time I asked her questions. It wasn’t her husband actually but her boyfriend and the boy was just the son of our neighbor. After hearing that information, I was relieved.

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Zang said...

ehem.. anong PR3? san mo napulot yon? zero nga sa akin eh.

pehpot said...

ahaha.. so you can't tolerate kids eh?

Make or Break

Denis said...

we all have our own weirdness hehe so be civil na lang haha