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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More Lozada And Abalos’ Bor’jer’

Arghh… I have missed the TV special of ABS-CBN about Jun Lozada’s expose’ to the ZTE Broadband deal which was aired last Sunday. I think I was hooked in watching Prison Break again. I have just seen the major happenings on Monday’s newscast. What so amazing in that news special was Benjamin Abalos continuous mentioning of his hamburger restaurant in Wack-Wack Country Club. He even pronounced the word “burger”, bor’jer’ many times.

At the Senate hearing yesterday, Lozada mentioned that Secretary Neri described President Arroyo as evil in one of their meetings. Neri of course denied Lozada’s statement at their press conference at the Palace. I just feel sorry for Secretary Neri. He looks very guilty and has this heavy baggage on his chest. Secretary Neri, the truth will set you free. That’s all I can say.

Back to Lozada, I am getting confused already if I have to believe with his statements. At the Senate hearing, he seems very arrogant. I have been noticing that he has this weird look in his face that I can’t decipher, a look that you can’t trust. I just hope the truth will come out. Hopefully!

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chase said...

hahahah.. natawa talaga ako sa hamburjer ni abalos.. hehehe

pehpot said...

oh well.. after a year, now what?

Make or Break

Denis said...

talagang sa pilipinas, news can be sensationalized for selfish motives