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Monday, February 4, 2008

KC Grammar

Last week, I read a post from my friend’s blog about KC Concepcion’s latest TV commercial for Palmolive Shampoo. If you are a TV addict like for sure you have seen it. She has the line, “You know what my mom always told me... look your best always, you'll never know who you'll run into...."

KC ConcepcionIf you would hear it on TV, it sounds okay and there’s nothing wrong with the grammar. But once you read it you would notice that “always told” should not be used in the sentence. Comments from other blogs expressed disappointment from KC Concepcion since she has a nice educational background and even studied in France.

KC Concepcion should have corrected the copywriter since she would be delivering the lines. Just my thoughts. I know I’m not that great with grammar as well but TV commercials should be perfect. Before it would be aired on TV and radio, it should be checked first by editors.

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bambiediby said...

haha. i know this ad.

huseyn said...

what should be the correct grammar? "always tell" ? i don't know the correct grammar either.. hehehe

Kai Santorino said...

in fairness you have a point.....

Earvin said...

Sa tingin ko yung tama ay yung

"My mom always tells me..."

Sucker din ako sa English! Pero National TV yun eh.

guevara said...

My personal opinion on this is it should have been like this

My mom has always been telling me...


my mom have always told me...

oh well personal opinion lang.

Brazen Lass said...

i think there's such a thing in the english grammar na "always told".. kasi naman diba, writers of these commercials always have their scripts checked and approved. I doubt naman if papayagan ma-air kung wrong grammar.

mommycool said...

...sigh...careless mistake, masyado kasi silang kampante na matalino sila...harhar!

Ayel said...

I think okay lang yung "always told" pero "would always tell me" should have been better.

Ang mali na nakikita ko dun is "You don't know WHO you'll run into." It should have been "WHOM you'll run into" kasi object 'yun ng preposition na "into".

Wla lang. Nangingialam lang po. :)

sukosari said...

You got the point :D

Anonymous said...

All I can say is Harharhar!!!! You Filipino grammar conscious people, that's the main reason why you can't be fluent with English. Always checking grammar before saying anything until you can't talk anymore because you're afraid that your sentence would be grammatically incorrect. Look at other nationalities who are living abroad esp. Chinese & Mexican, they don't care, all they care about is to communicate, understand and to be understood. That's the key to survival. OK, this topic is really getting sillier. Such a big deal! Instead of bickering which is correct and incorrect. Why don't you ask the help of WWW to find out if KC did really have grammar issues with her TVC. If KC reads this topic, pretty sure she'll be laughing her ass off. She didn't go to IS and AUP for nothing. Of course, her grammar is absolutely correct! "Always told" bcoz her Mom USED to tell her that in that past but not anymore. She should have used "always tells" if her Mama is STILL reminding her to look her best. The girl here is telling a story, for crying out loud!

quincy john said...

I agree with the last comment. I mean with the last attempt for the grammar/rule argument here. Also with Ayel.

But i disagree with the statement that Filipinos are being so grammar-conscious that makes it the reason why we can't be fluent where we start to get intimidated from speaking the language simply because we are afraid to get embarassed. The way we speak 'dollars' makes us on top of other nationalities since even though it is not our native tongue, we can speak better than them. Though slow, but we do our best to make it RIGHT!.

Even though we sometimes fail to 'perfect' it, at least, we are trying.

My grandfather had an experience on this when he was working in other countries. His officemates with different nationalities were impressed with how he spoke the language. They felicitated him for speaking English with perfect grammar.

Besides, who in this hostile world can mix English, with the national language and with the native tongue and more other languages?

Sino kaya in this hostile world can mix English, with the national language at sinasamahan pa ng natibong pananalita kag sang iban pa gid nga linguahe?

Only Filipinos!

That is Filipino excellence - not mediocrity!

Now let's not compare the Filipinos from other nationalities. Let's just do our craft and I believe we are good at it!

I assume, KC would be 'laughing her ass off' reading this post and the comments. But i believe, she'll get screwed up reading the pessimistic comment re the Filipino English-grammar-attitude.

ayel said...

"[WE]get intimidated from speaking the language simply because we are afraid to get embarassed"--this is from quincy.

Pero hindi rin naman all the time, quince. Hehe.

Anonymous said...

i think its grammatically correct

Anonymous said...

This is really silly, I read a blog somewhere and English grammar experts even broke their silence just to put an end to this silliness, too bad I didn't bookmark that page. Well, the only thing I remember is that they really felt sorry for KC, she got blamed for being CORRECT! Yes, these experts said that her lines in that TVC was called INDIRECT SPEECH. Actually, I did my research too regarding this issue because I was surprised the way people reacted to this commercial. I knew it wasn't wrong because if you listened to American songs, "always told" is always used. Michael Jackson for one has "always told" in his Billy Jean song and some other Western songs. I just hope that next time people won't make a big deal out of nothing, it's just ridiculous and I do hope too that they make their research first before firing on anybody's mistake or fault.

pehpot said...

hehe what can we expect from our local producers.. so many errors..

Make or Break

Denis said...

i think she is strictly following the script. writers are sensitive