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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Healthy Options' TV Commercial

If you are a regular viewer of Studio 23 or cable channels like Star World and ETC, you should have seen two TV commercials of Healthy Options. The first commercial was about a mother on the dining area preparing for dinner. While she was doing her stuff, the ground floor of her house was shaking from the loud sound of her son’s music upstairs. When she was done in setting the table, she got her stick and knocked it on the ceiling—a signal for her son to come down and turn of the music. To the viewer’s surprise, it’s not her son after all but her husband. Wearing hip clothes like a teenager.

The second commercial started with two carpenters carrying a glass mirror inside the house. The next scene was the carpenters have finally attached the glass mirror to the ceiling facing the bed. The woman who I guess was the homeowner was watching them with glee then stared at the glass mirror. While the commercial was running, there was a girl singing on the background with the lyrics, “She’ll be coming around the mountain when she comes...” Just relate the song with the bed, glass mirror and Healthy Options tag line and you would find out the meaning of the commercial. Hehe.

These two commercials are definitely two of my favorites aside from the dominant Palmolive Shampoo and Colgate toothpaste.

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blackdarkheart said...

Di ko pa nakikita yung commercial na yan. di kasi sagap ng chipipay naming tv ang 23 weh. hehe. kamusta naman ang lovelife naten ha?!

Kevin said...

Thanks for the kind words you dropped at my blog!

anyways, about doon sa isang commercial... yung sa matanda, amusing, ano? hehe. kaso lang yung last line na "Eat good. Live "bad" longer." ay wrong grammar, diba? shouldn't it be "Eat well. Live "badly" longer"? Or tama rin iyon? hehe just wondering. paki-correct na lang kung mali :)

the menace said...

@kevin, epal nako dito. heheh pero i think the tag line was made in a very witty way. hehe. a copywriter's opinion po

Kevin said...

Yeah, I agree. Whether there was a grammar error or not, it was witty.

pehpot said...

I have never seen that commercials.. maybe kase we are so glued into local telenovela LOL

Make or Break

Denis said...

this has been talked about by many.. so effective sya diba?