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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Food At Mr. Choi Kitchen

As promised to my friend, I treated him for dinner last Tuesday. We dined at Mr. Choi Kitchen at Robinson's Galleria. It was my first time to eat there and I was really impressed with the restaurant’s design and the feeling that you’re well off, just a feeling though. We had Yong Chow fried rice, beef with vegetables and sliced calamares. The serving was great! A single order can be good for two to three persons. And have I mentioned the nice presentation of food? Just look at the pictures for you to decide.

Beef with vegetablesYong Chow riceSliced calamares

The only problem that I had with Mr. Choi Kitchen was their slow service especially when I asked for our bill. It almost took 30 minutes before I had a look at my bill. My friend and I were making up stories that the reason why it’s taking up too much time was because our bill was referred to their main office then was transferred to their internal and external auditors. After it had passed the auditor, it was transferred to BIR. Hahahaha!

Aside from the slow service, I had a problem with their chili sauce. I am very certain that it had anise on it. I am somewhat allergic to it. I usually get dizzy when I had it or even when I smell it.

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Jmar said...

Hi! Lumipat na ko, http://bloodquill.blogspot.com. Paki-change na lang po yung link. BTW, nilink na kita dun. Thanks! :)

pehpot said...

ay favorite namin to.. it's been a while since we last ate.. favo ko ang sweet and sour at shrimp dumplings nila!

in fairness mas mura sya sa Bowl of CHina di ba? at mas masarap pa!

Make or Break

Sherry said...

wow, first time hear of this Mr.Choi kitchen.

Denis said...

true blood food aficionado! and u really got taste