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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Entrecard User Error

Last Friday, I was having problems in dropping my Entrecard at blog sites. I keep on receiving the link “Get one” instead of “drop your card.” I thought that Entrecard was just having problems with their server so I just stopped dropping cards.

This Monday I still had the same problem. I emailed Entrecard’s customer service and only got their reply yesterday. I tried logging in using Internet Explorer instead of Mozilla Firefox. It worked so the problem was with my web browser. I cleared all my private data like browsing history, download history, saved form information, cache, cookies, saved passwords and authenticated sessions. After I restarted my web browser, it finally worked.

It was I after all and not Entrecard. Hehehe…

Show me some love, please drop your Entrecards.

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pilotg2 said...

Several people have said the same thing recently about problems with Firefox and entrecard. If it keeps happening it will get old quickly continually deleting the cache over and over again.

pehpot said...

wehehe good thing you figured it out fast..

Make or Break

Denis said...

its such a bummer when widget channels get f-out