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Friday, February 8, 2008

Baldy Makoy

Yesterday after work, I went to Watson’s at Robinsons Galleria to buy a hair conditioner and a new comb. I was having a bad hair day for many days now and I recently received a comment from an officemate that my hair looks great, which is the opposite. When I checked my hair in the comfort room, it was spiky and all over the place. Would you believe that I don’t have a comb and just use my fingers to fix my hair?

Back to Watson’s, when I was about to enter the aisle of shampoo and conditioner section, a saleslady of Watson’s suddenly offered me Minoxidil, a treatment for balding men. And just before I passed her she also offered me Hair Fall treatment shampoo. I admit that I’m nearly going there, but please don’t point it out on my face. I’m human and I can get hurt. If I was in a bad mood that day for sure I have asked for her manager and asked for her suspension. Saleslady should be sensitive to their customers. Offer something positive or don’t offer anything at all.

I have seen an incident still with Watson’s Robinson’s Galleria before. A guy with his wife bought a pack of personal lubricant when the salesladies beside him suddenly giggled. The guy looked back at them with an angry and disgusted face then went back to his wife. These salesladies should act professional since they are selling medicines and personal care items. Attention to Watson’s management!

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wanderingcommuter said...

actually, that's really embarassing when sales personnel do that....haaay, minoxidil, this is hair grower shampoo, right?

*i don't mean to rub it in too much. just confirming. hehehe/

mommycool said...

Bwahaha! There was a time nga when I and my hubby was buying packs of rubber the gagang saleslady also giggled in front of us and I look straight at her face with my blanky eyes. Sarap sabunutan. parang di siya gumagamit non. Grrr...some people talaga are so ignoramus!!!

mommycool said...

Uy huh! How dare you say you're BALDY...d ah...ang papable mo nga eh... :D

pehpot said...

ahaha so this is the start of your journey when it comes to hair.. pero true un ha.. mejo may kalokohan ang saleslady nila.. alam mo ba na may isnag branch na kung saan hinid daw sila nagbibigy ng bente singko.. at sadya un..

Make or Break

Denis said...

some people can forget they are on uniform and that they are paid to serve