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Monday, February 11, 2008

Another Movie Marathon

National TreasureThis week I started doing movie marathons again. Just yesterday I finished watching four movies. I started with National Treasure and ended with Inang Yaya. National Treasure started boring but as the movie progressed it turned out great. The first installment of the movie is better than this second part. With the ending of the story, I think there would be a third part. More treasure to find!

Georgia RuleThe next movie that I watched was Superbad or should I call the movie Super Boring. The movie was dull and with no sense at all. Would you believe that I still finished it hoping that there is a fun part in movie? Next…

The third movie that I watched was Georgia Rule starred by Lindsay Lohan, Felicity Huffman and Jane Fonda. Compared to the first two films that I watched, this movie performed better. It deals with the relationship of mothers and daughters. After watching the movie, it made me feel sorry for Lindsay Lohan. She’s a great actor yet she destroyed her life with vices and partying.

Inang YayaAnyway, the last movie that I watched was Inang Yaya (Mommy Nanny), the only pinoy movie from the bunch. Maricel Soriano starred it. With all the buzz and awards this movie received, I think they really deserved it. The movie was realistic and full of soul. You have to watch this movie. It’s really great!

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the menace said...

i would recommend Inang Yaya too!!!

pehpot said...

Did you know that the one portrayed as Nicholas Cage granddad is the one who portray Von Trapp in Sound of Musicr.. wala lang hehe

Make or Break

Denis said...

inang yaya made me cry

and i think it will make me cry after viewing it again