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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

When There’s A Smoke, There’s A Fire

I woke up around 9:30 Sunday morning. I had congee with boiled egg for my breakfast. After that I just watched TV. While I was watching TV, I noticed that my neighbor’s house was emitting smoke on its roof.

My room is on the second floor of the house that’s why I immediately noticed it. My first reaction was just to ignore it. But after quite some time, it was still emitting smoke. I freaked out and immediately knocked on my housemate’s room. He was asleep so I went outside and asked help to my neighbors. I honestly don’t know my neighbors and I don’t want to befriend them.

Back to seeking help, I was frustrated that two teenagers answered my ask for help. I immediately asked them if they know the owners of the house and they answered, “No!” Since they weren’t that mature to talk to, I asked if there’s an adult in the house. They told me that they were still sleeping. I just told them that there’s a smoke in that house followed by pointing my hand to it. It’s just annoying that they weren’t even alarmed with what I’ve said. With my disappointment I went inside the house then thought of the next step to do.

I went to my other neighbor and told again my piece. I was just relieved that according to them, the house with smoke was just cooking. They were also alarmed the other day when they saw smoke on that house. I just hope this neighbor of mine would use LPG instead of charcoal. Don’t they know that LPG is cost efficient than charcoal?

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Earvin said...

Bakit kasi magluluto pa gamit ang uling sa gabi. Wala naman siguro silang barbeque party. Hehehe.

Leonore said...

Ay ayoko ng ganun. D ako ped sa kahoy or uling eh...will get my eyes smarting...saka para akong hinihika sa usok...promise. :(

pehpot said...

ay kaloka naman ang neighbor.. mabuti na lang at wala ka na dun.. dito din sa amin may gumagamit ng lahot.. ambaho at sakit sa ilong..

Make or Break

Denis said...

we should be very vigilant with fire

its true when they say na mabuti pa manakawan kesa masunugan