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Monday, January 14, 2008

Unplug Your Appliances

Did you know that unused and unplugged appliances would cost you around $60 of electric bill every year? This is more than what you pay for your electric bill when cooking. This is according to the news item that I saw yesterday on CNN.

According to Green Living Online, “This invisible power consumption is the result of "standby power" -- the term used to describe the electricity that keeps the clocks, timers, remote controls and other features on our home electronics working and ready to go on the instant we press a button. But this means our televisions, CD players, computers, microwaves, cordless phones use energy even when we've turned them off.”

This is alarming coz all along we thought that these appliances aren’t reflecting on our monthly electric bills. The best way is still to unplug our appliances when not in use. There are available power cords in the market that would conveniently help us unplug all of our appliances. It works as an octopus cord that we can plug all of our appliances. Instead of unplugging many appliances, we need to unplug just one cord. Isn’t that great?

The Canadian government recently announced that they would set standards for these standby power appliances limiting to just one watt of power. That would save an average household’s electricity bill of at least $35 a year. I just hope other countries would follow especially the Philippines, which is one of the countries where electricity cost is high.

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Josh of Arabia said...

another informative post..kmsta? :)

pehpot said...

uy nice tip tol.. ayos to ah.. sana lang lagi ko maalala gawin to.

Make or Break

Denis said...

appliances when turned off but still plugged are still consuming energy. nice post