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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Tattoo Music Video

I’ve just seen the new music video of Jordin Sparks, Tattoo. Jordin Sparks first single from her self-titled debut album. What can I say about this music video? Hmmm… I just find the video done by amateurs. Even I like Jordin Sparks and her song, this music video is very disappointing to watch. Jordin is over the top while singing her song on the video.

The only consolation in this music video is the cameo of Jordin’s runner up, Blake Lewis. Anyway, the song is still nice to hear and very radio friendly. I just hope it would reach Top 5 in the Single Charts of Billboard.

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chase said...

really? wow, i still got to catch her video.. blake is cute.heheh

pehpot said...

yeah it is nice to the ear but painful for the eyes.. LOL

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