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Friday, January 18, 2008

Scary Guest

I left the office almost 6:30 in the evening yesterday. I helped my officemate in sorting the post-dated checks we need today. Anyway, when I arrived in Robinson’s Galleria, I was light-headed and had decided to just have my dinner at the Food Court. I had the Pork Liempo combo and an extra fried egg from Baliwag Express.

I got into the bus around 7:30 P.M. I was hoping that I would arrive my apartment before 8 P.M. so I could watch the second episode of American Idol. Anyway, when I was about to enter our gate, I immediately felt that there’s something different. There’s someone inside our premises. When I heard someone moving, I immediately asked, “Who is there?” This someone ain’t talking so I asked again with a frightened and cracked voice. Thoughts came into me that he could be a ghost or a killer. I was so scared that I don’t know what to do. I was about to switch on my cell phone light torch when she finally talked. I was relieved that she is the sister of my housemate. According to her, she can’t get it because his brother was asleep. We got in the house using my key and she just waited for her brother to wake up.

And oh, I was able to watch American Idol just 15 minutes late. Some contestants are really hilarious. Wasn’t able to watch the Filipino contestant coz I watched Desperate Housewives.

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pehpot said...

scary talaga yan.. mabuti na lang sisterete lang pala ng house mate mo..

Make or Break

Sherry said...

wow you have combo meal, must be delicious!

Sherry said...

scary guest, sometimes turn out to be uninvited guest.