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Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Disney On Ice Ticket

Yesterday at work, I finally contacted TicketNet and asked if they still have tickets for the Disney On Ice until Sunday. I was happy to hear that they have tickets but only on the Upper Box B section of Araneta Coliseum. This section by the way is free seating, so we need to be early on Araneta to make sure that we would be together while watching Disney On Ice.

Disney On IceWhen I arrived in SM MegaMall, I hurried myself to the third floor of Building B where the tickets can be bought. I was shocked to see that the line to the Disney On Ice was long. What’s so annoying was that the people in line aren’t proactive at all. They should have asked first for information and made their decision before buying. I was standing there for a long time waiting for them to decide and to buy as well. Arghh.

The couple before me took a long time. After being informed that free seating tickets are only available, they had an idle time to decide. I desperately want to cut them and go on with my buying but waited instead. I was even more impressed with this stupid couple when they learned that children three feet below are free and asked the lady how tall three feet was. This couple went to idle again thinking of the height of their child. Arghhh.

When it was me to buy the tickets, it only took me less than five minutes. No problem at all. I’m so excited to watch it. I can’t wait!

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pehpot said...

oh my gulay na lantutay.. hindi nila alam kung gaano kalaki ang tree feet? I mean three? LOL


Make or Break

Denis said...

there you go with the kid in you!