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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Account Has Been Hacked

Yesterday morning when I was about to check my PickJack account, I was surprised to get the message, “Invalid email address” from its login screen. I currently have an auto login for my username and password that’s why I am certain that I have entered my correct email address and password.

I immediately clicked the Forgot My Password link and was surprised to receive the message that my username doesn’t exist. I emailed their customer service and reported my problem. It’s just disappointing that until now they haven’t responded to my email.

I’m worrying that my account has been hacked or deleted by PickJack. I have signed up for a new account yesterday and contacted my friend there. From his message that I just received this morning, I might have answered the poll question posted by PickJack, “if I want to delete my account.” If this is true, PickJack should have confirmed it first.

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joseph said...

do not save login information to your pc. that's it! :D

pehpot said...

ano pickjack kuya? earning site din?

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