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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hi-Tech MMDA

I saw a news feature last night on News Central that the MMDA had started installing microchip devices to legitimate buses. These devices would monitor their activities and as well gather information if a public bus violates traffic rules. For those buses that has no microchip device installed in their buses would be immediately impounded.

If this program were successful, jeepneys and FX taxis would be the next target. Beware to those illegal buses and undisciplined drivers your wrong doings would be long gone. Kudos to the MMDA! I am optimistic that this would improve the congestion in EDSA since illegal buses cannot operate anymore.

I just hope MMDA’s next target would be those smoke belchers that not only hurt our environment but also our lungs.

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pehpot said...

nagkatotoo ba? parang kaya ba ng budget na nakurakot na ang ganito ka hi tetch na kagamitan? LOL

Make or Break

Denis said...

hi tech man sila, they are still shameless