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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fresh US Episodes

American IdolLast Tuesday’s episode of Ugly Betty was really hilarious. I was laughing out loud in my room. I just hope my neighbors did not notice my loud laugh. It was the wedding day of Bradford Meade and Wilhelmina Slater. I was gagging for air when Amanda performed Kelis’ Milkshake in the middle of the wedding. That was really hilarious! Another scene that made me laugh was the beginning scene of the episode when Hilda covered for Betty. She gave out the remark to his father, “Am I sleep walking?” after being caught changing rooms with Betty. It was also nice to see that the family of Betty already accepted Henry.

I got to see the Final three episode of The Amazing Race Season 12. I was relieved to see that the team of Nathan and Jennifer finally got eliminated. Their negativity and continuous fights brought their team to last place this week. I just hope my bet Father and Daughter tandem (Ron and Christina) would win. They are the most deserving from the three teams left.

Anyway, the number one show on the planet premiered yesterday night. I wasn’t able to watch the whole show coz I was busy with something. I heard from officemates that some aspirants are really funny. I just hope I could watch last night’s episode. The premiere of American Idol continues tonight at 8 P.M. on Star World and QTV 11.

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Abou said...

i've watched the first 2 day episode of american idol. i see to it that i miss nothing and usually i watch replays. he he. i was curious on the last guy who auditioned last night. is he a filipino? name is ronaldo lapuz.he made quite an impression to the judges and was hugged by simon!

pehpot said...

have you seen or heard the Betty local.. it is so different talaga.. I have not a single betty us episode.. same ba with the original?

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