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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Enough To ABS-CBN and GMA

Two giant networks in the Philippines (ABS-CBN 2 and GMA 7) are in the verge of killing each other’s reputation through exchange of statements on their respective networks. Enough is enough!

If you watch news or even in the regular programming of ABS-CBN and GMA for sure you won’t miss their latest press statement regarding the manipulation of TV ratings of AGB Nielsen Media Research. For both parties they are the victims. But, I think they are both guilty of news sensationalism and trial by publicity. Since it is already filed in court, let the court decide who is telling the truth and who is cheating in the TV ratings.

Instead of exchanging statements, why not focus on improving the quality of your TV programs.

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malaya said...

I agree, viewers are getting annoyed about the issue involving the two giant networks. They should settle it privately.

ida said...

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thanks, ida =)

Aice Nice Concepts said...

yeah enough of that issues naman noh!!!

nakakasawa na eh

basta ako manunuod lang ako


Leonore said...

basta ako eh kapuso!!!

Anonymous said...

yah right! Enough for this. It's too annoying. They should stop exchanging non-sense things against each other. Nakakainis na, grrr! Paulit-ulit sila, they are obviously over-using the power of media!

pehpot said...

enough talaga! naku mabuti nga ngayon at hindi maingay yan.. e good luck naman e more than a year na.. pero never ending pa rin ang kompetisyon bet this two.

Make or Break

Denis said...

the rivalry is now a cliche