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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Easy Advertising With Entrecard

I recently joined Entrecard after I heard about it from the PBS Yahoo groups. What is Entrecard anyway? Entrecard is a socio-networking site where bloggers meet and exchanges each other Entrecard. It’s a 125x125 image that represents you and your blog. It comes with a widget that you can place in your blog so others can leave their Entrecards for you. Leaving a card for blogs would earn you points that you could exchange for advertising slots in other blogs.

Just imagine the possibilities of increasing your web traffic and your blog’s exposure to other blog sites.

Guess what, I’ve just learned a site wherein you can browse Entrecard member’s blog with ease. The site is called Entrecard Browser. All you need to do is to click the Next button from the website’s toolbar to view Entrecard member’s blog. After leaving your card, you can click the Next button again and again. Isn’t that great? Instead of visiting the Entrecard main site, you can just view it in this browser.

Don’t forget to leave your cards in my Entrecard, okay!

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Wangbu said...

Welcome to the Entrecard World! Just be a kind dropper and you will really gain enough credits to advertise even in highly prized blogs such as Pro-Blogger and JonChow

pehpot said...

oy welcome (ngek) pero nahirapan ako jan dati.. mabuti nga at meron na ako ngayon.. lagi ka drop sa akin ha

Make or Break

Denis said...

entrecard is solid efficient!