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Friday, January 18, 2008

Beware Of Your Inihaw

If you are familiar with the fast food chain Inihaw Express beware that it has been recently featured in ABS-CBN TV program, XXX. I was shocked to see that the food they served on that episode has worms in it. The complainant was able to film it in his cell phone camera. It was really gross.

What’s so depressing is that I have dined to Inihaw Express three times already. I have tried their Grilled Pusit and other viands, which I have forgotten already. After this incident, I will not dine in to Inihaw Express anymore even they would charge 50% less.

This Inihaw Express branch by the way is on the newly opened SM Taytay.

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Anonymous said...

i think the customer and tv show wanted to extort money.. they were asking for 500k.

if there were really worms, they would've been dead since the food is constantly being heated. and if the salted egg had worms, why would the customer eat it all when they would've immediately seen it.

i must say, great ploy by the customer to have planted those worms. well-planned but not that smart.

Leonore said...

Really! buti ka pa alam mo....ewwwwww! pero di ako punta don eh. basta. wag mo ng itanong noh?

pehpot said...

yuck yuck yuck.. grabe naman yan..
buti na lang may xxx no.. may warning..

Make or Break

Denis said...


napanood ko to and its really alarming