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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Because Of My Blog

This week, I was surprised that I received an offline YM message from a High School friend. I actually never heard anything from her after High School. That next day she messaged me again then we chatted for a while. She’s married now and living in New Jersey. She works as a Dental Assistant and living the American Dream.

What’s so amazing was that she found out my YM ID when she stumbled to my blog site. She was actually looking for the movie “Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo” then my blog site was one of the search results. According to her, when she saw my blog header she immediately knew that it was me. Isn’t that great? A long lost friend would be back through the help of the Internet. Cool, cool, cool!

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DanieL said...

the social networking concept is definitely working to your advantage.


pehpot said...

wow coolness! I am glad that she found you. still in contact with her now?

Make or Break

Denis said...

i hope this can happen to me too, im pressured with our up coming reunion